The New Trial of Victoria’s Vaccinated Economy-Melbourne Cup and Major Concert

It is true that the Victorian government has allowed the organizers to tag along 10,000 people in the crowds for the Melbourne Cup, an upcoming horse racing event.

Vaccinated Economy-Melbourne Cup and Major Concert
Vaccinated Economy-Melbourne Cup and Major Concert

The Melbourne Cup, on the other hand, will serve as a trial session for Victoria’s new vaccinated economy.

As confirmed by the officials, the particular government will have 10,000 people attend the venue to watch the entire Melbourne Cup event from the beginning to the end.

Thanks to the advancement of the technology, the trial session is going to be steady and effective with the sophisticated proof-of-vaccination screen. The officials in the venues will do the hard job in conducting the event settings attached to the 80% of the double vaccination.

These places will also conduct the test runs for the new advanced technology which allows all of the venues to check the vaccination statuses of the participants before proceeding to the event.

Keep in mind that 10,000 people who will be attending the Melbourne Cup are all already vaccinated. The Victoria Racing Club also confirmed that there will be careful selection of the participants who are able to attend the venue. The risk assessment has been done seriously.

Besides confirming the double vaccination, all of these attendees must wear masks. They will be sitting in five different sections. Each section comes with the service of food and drink.

The health authorities also confirmed that the 25-kilometer travel radius for the Melbourne rule is indeed serious. It must reach 80% of double vaccination by the day of the event. It is only two weeks before the date of the event. I guess the officials can really enforce the participants to keep up with the progress so that they will get the best results.

If you think that the demonstration in the venue is not enough, then you are correct. In fact, Martin Pakula, the Minister of Racing, stated that there might be a mix of the demonstration in the tickets and upon arrival for the event.

The separation of the attendees into five sections or areas is a wise decision. It will prevent them from mixing with the other groups. They must wear masks all the time. A full vaccination is also a must.

As mentioned, the government allows attendance of up to 10,000 people. However, it will reach the numbers only if the 80% threshold of double vaccination is met. If not, some people might not have the chance to attend the venue to enjoy the spectacle that they have been waiting for.

Some experts also claimed that it would be difficult to reach the necessary threshold in time to allow more crowds to come on October 30.

Back then, the Victorian government and Mr. Pakula had such controversies since they made the decision to add the crowds. But nowadays, the situation has changed.

After all, it is an important event for Melbourne people, as well as some parts of Australia. The organizers are pretty confident that the event will be successful and safe for the crowds.

Some health experts said that it is a wrong decision since it can threaten the healthiness of the attendees. But on the other hand, there are many people who have been expecting to see their favorite horses in action.

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