2022 Melbourne Cup Day Parties, Foods, Fashion Tips & Dress Code

The Melbourne Cup is going to be amazing this year. The Melbourne Cup is going to take place on Tuesday, 1 November 2022. It might not be a public holiday for all ages, but there is always a reason to celebrate it with someone you care about. A group of friends will gather and have a nice time together at the unavoidable Melbourne Cup party.

Celebrating the big event can be done from home, the office, or other places of your choice. No matter where, you can make it fun from your chosen place.

Lexus Melbourne Cup Day 2021


Ordering catering

Sharing the delicious treats with your groups is one of the most fascinating ideas for getting a Melbourne Cup Day party. It is an opportunity to create such a mouth-watering menu like pizza, sweets, or even exotic Indian foods. However, you will always have the choice to order the food from the food caterers in your location.

If you and your party team do not have enough time to cook the dishes by yourself, you can always rely on trustworthy food delivery services.

I’d recommend you to get the best gourmet foods for you and your best friends so that you will all have something to eat while enjoying the spectacle on the big screen.

Some popular providers like Blonde Butler, EatFirst, and even local foods could have the Melbourne Cup packages menu that you can order to be sent to your doorstep.

You can order the Melbourne Cup catering for more than just one pack. To avoid the missing order, you could confirm the order weeks or days prior to the main event date.

The virtual event

If you and your party do not have the chance to attend the venue of the Melbourne Cup, you won’t need to worry. It does not end yet. You can hold a special annual event this year in the office or at home, if you like. Invite your team to your place to celebrate the special occasion virtually.

Make a plan for your Melbourne Cup Day celebrations

Melbourne Cup Day Party

When planning a home or office party, always have a plan days or weeks prior to the date. If you are a main person in-charge, you will want to make sure that you’ve arranged a team that consists of great members whom you can trust and work together. You will need to think about the elements and components of the party, from the food, to catering, games, activities, budget arrangements, dress codes, and many others.

Right before sending the invitation to all of the participants, you will want to answer some of the most important questions:

  • What hours can you hold the party?
  • Who’s going to attend?
  • How much is the budget for the event?

There might be more questions to answer. But you could focus on the most important questions above to proceed.

After exploring all of the details, you may proceed to notice your party team, including the guests you invite.

Setting the dress code

The easiest way to set the dress code is to follow the classic rules of the event. Whether you are holding the party in the office, home, or neutral place, including the classic theme of Melbourne Cup Day is never wrong for you and your participants.

You can make it easy for everyone. Create a fun, bright, and vibrant dress code and you will never be wrong at all. But just like other parties, you must realize that not everyone is up for dressing up. If you are going to create a specific dress code, you could also let them know that it is optional. So, they don’t have to waste their money purchasing new clothes for the party.

Prepare for the activities

Choosing party games and activities can be difficult, especially if it is outside of your area of expertise. But there’s always a way to get everyone entertained without having to struggle all by yourself. Encourage your teams to develop the activities together. It is much better to work with your team than to put all of the burden on your own shoulders, alone.

Food and drinks

The food and drinks are a huge incentive for all of the participants to keep following the Melbourne Cup day party from the beginning to the end.

As mentioned, you don’t have to do it all alone. Instead, you could order Melbourne Cup catering from the reliable food caterers in your location. Or, you could follow the potluck principle, where everyone brings their own food.

Some might prefer the three-course lunch, the buffet, or the cocktail party. Just make sure to provide enough treats and drinks for everyone. Again, you don’t have to do it all alone. You could conduct the meeting to help you arrange the responsibilities and tasks of each team member before the party.

Also, check out if there is any special diet you should pay attention to. Some of your friends might be allergic to something.

Also Check:

Keep everyone informed

It is easy for some people to miss the key information before attending a specific party. It is going to be an awesome day where people must get excited. But they won’t be on the right track without the reminders.

The reminders should be in one week before, days before, and the day before, as well as the morning of the event.

The Dress Code

Here are some of the dress codes which you could aspire to apply at the Melbourne Cup:

Everest Day: shades of blue
Derby Day: black and white.
Melbourne Cup is big, bright, and daring.
Oaks Day (aka Ladies’ Day): feminine pastels and floral prints
Stakes Day: unhurried

Your party could follow the entire event, or just the main day. That would depend on your decision and that of your party members. No matter what day that you are planning to attend, there are some standards of dressing.

It is important that everyone in the party knows these rules: “no midriffs” and “no strapless dress”.

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